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National Lottery Awards for All England

£300 to £10,000

National Lottery Awards for All England offers funding from £300 to £10,000 to support what matters to people and communities.

The National Lottery Community Fund - Partnerships


Grants are available to voluntary and community organisations in England which work together with a shared set of goals and values.

CIF Fund Launch

Essex County Council has launched the Community Initiatives Fund (CIF). The fund is a small grants scheme designed to fund community projects that:

create, procure or develop new community assets
enhance existing community assets
enhance or develop initiatives that strengthen a community.
There are three parts to the fund:
CIF (subject to a maximum application of £20,000 for any project)
CIF Response (subject to a maximum application of £15,000 for any one project).
The Superfast Essex Community Wi-Fi Scheme (applications of up to £400 to enable local communities to provide a public Wi-Fi service via their community hubs).

Epping Forest Sports, Arts, Leisure and Community Grants

Epping Forest District Council awards grants to organisations involved in providing community work, cultural or sport activities to support these organisations to provide successful services to residents of the Epping Forest district.

The organisations eligible for a grant include the following:

Local voluntary and community groups
Sports clubs
Arts and culture groups
Social enterprises
Community interest groups

Basildon Council: Sports Development Fund

Individual sportsmen and women and sports groups can apply for a sports development grant through Basildon Council's Sports Development Grant Scheme.

Individuals who live in Basildon Borough can apply for amounts up to £300
Groups including non-profit making clubs, societies and organisations based in the Basildon Borough, whose membership is open to residents of the Basildon Borough, can apply for amounts up to £600. (In very exceptional circumstances an amount of funding greater than £600 may be awarded to a group.).

The Swimathon Foundation

The Swimathon Foundation – the charity behind the world’s biggest fundraising swim, Swimathon.

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